Shipping cost

The shipping cost is charged for each started carton in which the plants are packed. The number of plants in the box depends on their capacity according to the diagram below 0,5 / 1, 2 and 4 liters (P9/C1, C2, C4).

The shipping cost is visible in the order summary after entering the delivery address.

0,5 / 1 L 2 L 4 L
24 x 15 x 2 x

It is possible to combine several 0,5 / 1L plants with 2L in the same carton. In this case, the total number of plants in the carton will depend on their capacity.

Packing plants for transport

We make every effort to ensure that you receive beautiful, healthy and strong plants. Our Nursery is under the constant supervision of the Plant Protection and Seed Inspectorate.

The seedlings have a healthy, strong root system and are in very good condition. They grow in P9/1, 2 or 4 liter containers; the plants, if required, are attached to a 60 or 90 cm bamboo support, with a color label with a photo and description of the variety. All plants are carefully secured during the journey, the pot is secured with a plastic bag so that peat does not spill out of it.

The seedlings are packed in specially made collective boxes, with dimensions adapted to the number of plants ordered. This ensures 100% safe transport. In the event of damage to the package, please complete the damage form in the presence of the courier, because all our shipments are insured.